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Where Can You Ride Hoverboards in UK?

There is a popular question going on about hoverboard and there haven’t been concrete answers to the question. However, we will be answering that question right here! Many people are eager to buy hoverboards but are more concerned about where they can ride them. So the question is, where can you ride a hoverboard?

If you are reading this article, it is more likely you want to know where you can ride a hoverboard in the UK and the legalities surrounding its use. The news is flying around that it is illegal to ride hoverboard in the UK. The answer is simply yes, private hoverboards are not allowed on government roads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your ride. It can be used on private property or surroundings.

Don’t let the Law of the government affect the way you choose to enjoy your life. You can still enjoy your ride when you take your hoverboards out. Many people still ride hoverboard outdoors. Everything still comes down to where you can ride your hoverboard in the UK

The UK law does not permit any citizen to ride their hoverboard in the following places:

  • Public roads
  • Public foot pathway

UK law does not hold restriction in the following area:

  • Private Gardens
  • Hoverboard parks
  • Private parks
  • In your house

Until then, let keep to the rule of the land, refrain from riding on the main roads for your safety. There are other places to enjoy your ride without facing the wrath of the law. However, we do hear the law is flexible for special type electric scooters and hoverboards. What about them?

The law allows only rented electric scooters on the road covered by a company that insured them and probably taxable.

It is no news that self-balancing scooters are not allowed on government roads, but there is an urgent need to review it; will I be arrested while the law is still amended? Official hoverboard will advise not to try it. as of now, we still believe the law holds, and you could be penalized if used on prohibited areas.

In the near future, it is likely that the UK law regarding the use of hoverboards will be relaxed for the benefits and enjoyment of citizens. This will happen after certain laws on roads or when pathways have been created for hoverboard riders.

For instance, during this global pandemic, electric scooters are the latest devices used by young professionals to commute to work every day. While the law still frowns at it, it is nearly not feasible to arrest them because the volume of people breaking the laws is enormous. Also, the pressure of keeping environmental air clean has added additional pressure on government regulators to allow hoverboards on UK roads.

As a result of this, government regulators are for various means to reduce the risk on pathways and pavements in order to make the law flexible. To make this possible, manufacturers will have to consider safety as a priority during production. The government will have to impose certain laws on production industries and market sellers so that the end-user of the product observes safety measures.

Future of Hoverboard

Due to the design of the hoverboard wheel, they are not allowed to be used outside. However, technology is advancing and bigger wheels are being incorporated and better balancing mechanisms are added to ensure that users are safe while riding on the device.

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