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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Quality Hoverboards

In recent times, Young people are starting to add hoverboard to their wish list either for their birthdays, Christmas, or just a gift. Nevertheless, if you are looking to get a hoverboard either for yourself or for your loved ones, you might probably face one or two problems purchasing the best one. Why is that?

You might remember the past stories about hoverboards overheating and catching fire. This alone is enough to put a doubt on your mind when getting a hoverboard. So, to find and buy a quality hoverboard, what are the things you need to consider?

In this article, we will be discussing the vital features you need to consider so you don’t end up buying a hoverboard that will end up catching fire while getting the features and specs you like.

Let’s start with a basic introduction to hoverboards and why they catch fire in the first place.

What are Hoverboards, and What do they do?

As much as I will like to tell you what you will like to hear, the hoverboard is not a “hovering device” like you thought. Rather, they are like a mini scooter with no handlebars or sits. All it has is a two-wheel system with a flat surface you can stand on and lean forward to glide and lean backward to move in a reverse position.

Why were the hoverboards catching fire?

In the past and recent times, hoverboard demand is explicitly high compare to the supply. Manufacturers were looking to bridge this wide gap between the demand and supply. Because of this, some of these companies have problems with quality control on their products while some were just basically not using high-quality batteries for their products and opting for a low-quality battery for faster production. This defect in production and battery quality led to the explosion of the battery causing the fire.

In other to ensure that customers buy high-quality hoverboards some steps are taking to prevent the major occurrence in the past. These steps are indicators that a hoverboard is of the best quality. So what do you need to consider before buying a hoverboard? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Five (5) to remember when buying a Hoverboard.

Before you think of buying a hoverboard for yourself or a friend, the first thing to consider is the local laws of where you or the person will be using the hoverboard. This is important as some cities have rules and limitations as regards the use of hoverboards. Once you consider this, the nest thing is to check for certification.

Get a UL 2272 certified hoverboard

As a measure to prevent the catching of fire of hoverboards, the UL 2272 certification can onboard. This certification exclusively assures you that the hoverboard is already tested for maximum efficiency and suitable for use. When you get a certified hoverboard, you don’t need to concern yourself about your hoverboard burning up.

So, before you get a hoverboard make sure the vendor sells certified hoverboards, if you don’t know where to check or you aren’t sure of your research, we’ve done that for you. Kindly visit the official hoverboard website to check for hoverboards. They are known for selling certified hoverboard

Check the Warranty.

I guess you don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on your favorite over and not getting a warranty over it. Regardless of the products, any company that produces quality products will always stand by it. A company giving out a warranty is a way to ensure a quality product and service. When buying a hoverboard, make sure you check the product length of warranty, its coverage, and the company’s return policy.

Customer review

A customer review is one of the best ways of knowing what to expect when buying a product. The higher the average positive reviews, the better. You should be happy when a product has many positive reviews which shows a lot of people are using the product

When buying a hoverboard, make sure you search for reviews on the product. By doing this, you will get information such as the pros and cons of the product including other features that you are not aware of.

In summary, when you see a hoverboard with 4 ratings out of 5 or better, you should be certain you are getting a quality product.

Quality Hoverboard isn’t cheap

You don’t expect to get a certified and quality hoverboard at a cheap price. To make a quality hoverboard, quality components are required and these components don’t come at a cheaper price. If you are looking to save some bucks, you should go for a hoverboard with lesser features and aesthetics. When you look for a cheaper hoverboard with top features, you run the risk of ending up with a fake hoverboard.

Consider The features you want

By features, we are talking of the wheel size, weight, functions, and aesthetics. Hoverboards are not made for all sizes., get a hoverboard for your weight.

You should consider wheel size based on the terrain you are planning on riding your hoverboard. If you want to ride on grass and fairly smooth areas, a hoverboard with a large wheel is a cool option for you. You should consider your wheel size Depending on the location of usage.

If you are a fan of aesthetics, you might want to consider extra cool features like LED lights, Turn signals, Color and flashes, Bluetooth, etc. These extra cool features don’t come at a cheaper price, so be prepared to spend a few more bucks on your hoverboard.

In conclusion, hopefully, these five (5) listed guide will help you with your search for a quality hoverboard. If you can’t do the work, we’ve done it for you. You can visit the official hoverboard webpages to check for reviews of certified hoverboard and you can also place your order. Official hoverboards deal in certified and widely recognized hoverboard products with cool extra features.

One thing you also don’t want to forget is that riding a hoverboard comes with risks just as using a car or a bike. You should always remember to read and practice manufacturer safety precautions and procedures for usage.