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Riding A Hoverboard

Hoverboards are one of the fastest-growing trends but learning to ride the device can be daunting. Before you think of buying one, you should read this article to guide you on having a good ride on the board. This piece will also include safety measures so that you can have a fun ride.

You remember Marty McFly made many failed promises but make sure that of hoverboard came to fulfillment. Although the promise came to pass later than the expected time, we are happy that our long-awaited tech was born and that is some sort of relief.

Hoverboards might look like a toy, but they are developed for both kids and adult. Adults are making use of hoverboards to run short errands. They are fun to use within the neighborhood or explore some cool places.

Safety and Hoverboard Calibration

Once you know where hoverboards are acceptable to ride, then you can start learning how to ride it. Firstly, charge your hoverboard for 2-3 hours

It’s is a good practice to stay protected when riding a hoverboard or any other means of transport. That’s why it important to protect your head by putting on a helmet. Same a found in scooter, bike or skateboard.

Carry your hoverboard and place is on horizontal flat ground. Ensure the pads on the board are even and immobile. They are automated features immediately you step on it but it’s better to cross-check to be sure.

Find a Practice Area

Is there a spacy area in your house? Maybe a cleared room or a well-spaced garage where you can practice? You want a place where falling won’t lead to serious injury, and supervision is compulsory for kids.

The chosen area should be spacious and free of any kind of breakables in order to make learning comfortable.

Don’t overlook this step, it may sound unprofessional, but it’s better to practice in a safe environment before learning the fundamentals of hoverboards.

Finally: Get on the Board

You have now covered the fundamentals, and you are ready to go on your first official ride. Whoa! Let’s get the board on the street but before that, make sure the hoverboard is charged fully (takes about 3 hours) and now you are ready to move.

Place your strongest foot on the hoverboard and keep a balance. Make sure you are starting on an even flat surface. Put the other foot on the other foot on the board. Don’t make a fuss about it!

It’s normal to hold support while you gain your balance on the hoverboard, but ensure your weight is focused on the board so that the board can make accurate readings of your body. You are only holding to support in case of fall but not likely.

Put your feet on the pedals to keep your hip distance apart. Ensure your knees maintain a slightly inclined angle position. This helps you to start comfortable and stable.

Auto Correct

If you purchase a quality hoverboard from Official Hoverboard, the system is automated once you step on the board – the board will balance acceleration with your weight. This might seems like a whole new feature, but it’s cool anyway!

Ensure your core muscles are tight and knees slightly bent. You can position your arms by your sides, similar to a gymnastics sport.

Getting Off

On you have learned the starting point, you should also work on getting down. It’s normal to lean forward when you get on a hoverboard, just like how you do when you get in an escalator.

Stepping backward is the best way to exit a hoverboard. If you step forward, the programmed system will receive a signal to continue moving forward and more likely to fall if care is not taken.

You will get used to the dynamics over time. Hold on to something while you learn to stop motion.


Once you have mastered to start and stop hoverboard, it's time to enjoy your ride; if you can stand on it comfortably while you lean forward.

At the starting point, accelerate slowly and gain momentum as you proceed. The more you move forward, the faster the hoverboard.

Lean backward to apply brakes and slow down. Hoverboard movement has a lot to do with your weight. If you can understand how to distribute your weight on the board, then you are good to go.

Having learned how to ride a hoverboard, you will need a quality hoverboard; visit us at Official Hoverboard to take you to our store to see numerous hoverboards loaded with fantastic features.