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How To Balance on Hoverboards

Hoverboards are undeniable one of the latest mobile devices that got the attention of its consumers. If your workplace is too far from your house, it is not advisable to take it on a long-distance, but can be ridden to the nearest bus-stop. Since electric scooter are not powered by gas or petrol; electric scooters can easily be folded and transported from point to another. Once you are at your workplace, you can put it in a corner without occupying large space.

They can be folded to fit into a car trunk, so can be driven by car to your destination and there is no need to clean the parking lot to create space for new automobiles. They can be charged within your house or apartment.

Aside from the user challenges of balance, there are more concerns associated with using the device.

Indeed, there are numerous errors associated with the charging mechanism in most hoverboards. You have to understand basic knowledge guiding the product design to determine these errors.

In China, there are over 25 manufacturing companies that produce hoverboards. Some brands are good one while some are not. When you order a hoverboard from this popular store such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, you are likely to be buying from sellers who import them as well. Maybe they purchased from the best brand or from a company with the lowest price to earning massive profits on sales. In a simple word, it's a dark market. When a buyer purchases a product from an e-store, the last thing you could think off is burning the whole house down but it worth it. In 2015, when the use of the product is widely known, at least three people in every six months face one serious issue with the device which include, explosion or injuries from wrong balancing and many more. You have to put it at the back of your mind that you should not purchase a design with poor construction design, especially unreliable charging and batteries mechanism.

Safety tips for your hoverboard

You have to get prepared before mounting on your hoverboard. Ensure you have appropriate safety gear before you get moving. The following kits are strongly recommended:

  • Wristguards
  • Elbow pads
  • Tailbone protector
  • Helmets
  • Knee Pads

Proper balancing on the hoverboard can help you avoid injury. Most hoverboards have been designed to travel a distance up to 10 miles on a full charge. These speeds are within limits for a car but can be dangerous for hoverboards users if he is not balanced on the device. It is essential you put-on your safety kits to protect you from getting injured. Once you are fully kitted-up, Get your hoverboard and let get you started!

Balancing and Riding a hoverboard

Now that you are ready to go on your first ride. Put down the hoverboard and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Avoid any slant horizontal surface, place it on an even ground surface in your front.
  2. Place one foot on the hoverboard. Ensure the board is flat. It might be difficult to mount because the board is designed in such a way it moves when it detects pressure on it.
  3. Balance your body by putting the other foot on the board

Try to keep your feet at a reasonable distance from each other or better still, place them on the pad found on the board. This position will give you the best balance.

Stand upright and look straight. It will look strange at first and may even build up tension within your system. Just relax and focus on maintaining a good balance.

Once the hoverboard detects pressure, it starts moving. This board movement is triggered by the shift of weight (pivoting your ankle up and down)

Here are a few riding tips for moving:

  • Moving forward and backwards: Lean forward and do not bend your waist as it affects your balance. The body movements are in your ankles.

Turning: To turn your hoverboard, you will add pressure to your toes.

  • Add force your right toes to turn left.
  • Add force your left toes to turn right.

When you have enjoyed a long ride, disengage from the board by following the reverse steps.

  • Shift your weight to the strong foot
  • Step down with the other foot.

Do not jump off the hoverboard! You are likely to injure yourself.

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