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Hoverboard speed - how fast does a hoverboard go?

How fast can a Segway go?

It’s the question that everyone wants to know before they invest in a hoverboard – how fast can a hoverboard or segway go? (segway is just another name for hoverboard, they are one and the same thing). Can it go faster than your bicycle, an e-scooter or an electric skate board?

There isn’t a straightforward answer as there are various factors that come into play, but essentially, you are looking at an average maximum speed of up to 13mph but we don’t recommend boards that go above 9mph for safety reasons. Generally speaking, a hoverboard will go twice the speed of a kick scooter.

And obviously, you will travel much faster if you are going downhill – the maximum speeds are calculated for a rider travelling on a smooth, flat surface without a strong prevailing wind.

Before you invest, hoverboard speed is something you need to consider, along with battery, LED’s, wheel size, brand etc.

Different models are capable of different speeds, so it is important to do your research before you buy. Google ‘how fast can a segway go?’ and you’ll see that there is a huge variation in speeds between models.

Surface type will affect speed

Your hoverboard will go faster on pavements and other flat surfaces than it will off road, but don’t underestimate the fun of a ride across gravel, grass and dirt etc with an all terrain model.

Consider the incline too, because your hoverboard will slow down uphill and pick up speed going down. Your weight will be a factor too – the lighter you are, the faster your hoverboard will go.

It’s best to ride on flat, even surfaces to reach optimum hoverboard speed safely and always slow down when you approach uneven surfaces like cracks, patches of grass or gravel. Go too fast over a bumpy surface and you risk damaging your hoverboard, let alone yourself.

Also, try and avoid muddy puddles. Your hoverboard may be water resistant and okay to fide in the rain, but don’t risk clogging up the parts with too much mud or wet sand.

The size of your hoverboard’s wheels, the quality of its battery, the wattage of the electric motor and the actual weight of the board, will all have an influence on the top speed you are able to achieve.

Hoverboard beginners should start slowly

When you first get your board, get used to getting your balance and ride slowly before you ramp up the speed – falling flat on your face is not funny or cool.

Children should always been encouraged to go at slower speeds and although 3mph might feel like a crawl in the car, it will be a different experience if you are small and it’s your first time on a hoverboard. And remember, you don’t have handle bars to help you balance or a brake to press if you need it.

It’s not recommended that anyone travel at high speeds (more than 3 – 6mph) until they are a skilled and comfortable hoverboard rider and we also recommend that you wear all the appropriate safety gear – a helmet with a secure chin strap and elbow and knee pads. Also make sure you wear sturdy shoes and don’t even think of riding barefoot.

Finally, your battery will also impact your hoverboard speed. Make sure it is fully charged before you set off (this means leaving it to charge for at least six hours in most cases) and remember to unplug it once it’s fully charged.

If you are itching to go faster, there are a number of specialist hoverboards out there that can go at ridiculously high speeds. They are:

  • The Spaceboard Hoverboard – this state-of-the-art hoverboard has been made for speed. It has a futuristic design, a massive motor and a powerful battery, the combination of which allows it to move at an eye watering 17.2mph. Now, that might not sound very fast and on a bicycle say, it wouldn’t feel it, but when you are riding a hoverboard, using your bodyweight to manoeuvre and have nothing to hold on to, that feels freakishly fast.
  • Robot Turbo Hoverboard – this smart number can reach speeds of up to 15 miles an hour, which is plenty enough for the average thrill seeker. It’s a beautifully designed piece of kit that copes well with uneven ground and hills.
  • Street Saw Hoverboard – the Street Saw Future Saw Pro Edition lives up to its impressive name. It can travel up to 13 mph when you combine it with an easy-to-fit hoverkart kit, which turns it into a three-wheeled device. It’s a really light board with a unique design.
  • Swagtron – this trusted brand delivers on quality and speed. With two 300W electric motors the Swagtron hoverboard can power along at 10mph.
  • Segway Ninebot S – this unique hoverboard has a steering bar, which you operate with your knees. This offers a bit of extra stability and is great for newbies giving the board a more stable and comfortable feel. Don’t be fooled though, because it can move quickly, reaching speeds of up to 10 miles an hour with a range of 13.7 miles. It only weights 28lbs, so is easy enough to carry and you can control it with an app.
  • Pink Galaxy 10” All Terrain Official Hoverboard – if you want to reach high speeds over grass, gravel and on an incline, this good looking beast of a board is a great choice. It can travel up to just under 9 miles per hour and is powered by 700W or silent German motors.
  • Gyroor G-F1 High Speed Hoverboard - it looks a bit like a Lambo and it drives like one, with a top speed of 18 miles an hour. With dual hub 350W motors and extra wide wheels, it can tackle the toughest of terrains. It also has a child’s protection mode if you want to prevent little ones from reaching top speeds. It also comes with a carry handle.

Speed freak or beginner, however fast you go on your hoverboard, it will be an adventure from start to finish. Enjoy the ride!